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We work in partnership with our clients and with key stakeholder groups to generate ambitious, deliverable climate strategies that have broad-based support and that are in-line with broader social, economic and environmental priorities.

We develop grounded, evidence-based strategies that identify the different options and assess how much they will cost, what their benefits will be and who will be most affected. This evidence-based approach enables our clients to choose the right way forward for them and for different stakeholder groups. 

We then work with our clients to support the development of delivery capacities and to explore the availability of different forms of resourcing and financing. We work with decision makers and key stakeholders at all stages to develop a sense of shared ownership and common purpose. 

Once a strategy has been adopted, we provide ongoing support and work with our clients to regularly review and report back on progress, ensuring that they learn about what works, for whom and why, thereby enabling the replication and scaling-up of best-practice approaches over time. 

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